Hizbullah Media Relations Condemns Attack on Media, Urges All Sides to Depart It from Threats

Commenting on the recent attack that targeted the Syrian Radio and Television building, Hizbullah Media Relations issued the following statement:

The attack on the Radio and Television center in Damascus, resembles a new and flagrant violation to media freedom. It is further a breach to the laws and international norms that confirm the non-permission to attack civilians during wars, especially that this attack comes less than a week on the assassination of Syrian broadcaster Mohammed Saeed. By this act, the criminals hit by the wall all Islamic ​​and Arabic values. They also disregard all human and moral norms.

Hizbullah Media Relations expresses its condemnation for the attacks on media. In parallel, it strongly rails the assault on journalists lives, whoever they are.

Hizbullah Media relations views that these systematic attacks on media form attempts to hit the national votes and evacuate the arena to inciteful media that works on fueling fanaticism, fabricating rumors, and feeding strife and division.

Thus, Hizbullah Media Relations urges all concerned forces to depart media so that it can carry its duties without any pressure or threat.

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