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Hizbullah Officials Release Statements on Latest Developments

A number of Hizbullah officials have iterated that the recent firing of two missiles on the Southern suburbs of Beirut (Dahieh) on Sunday morning was a mere “Israeli” plot.

Hizbullah’s leaders further stressed that the party’s main goal will always be to confront the Zionist enemy, and it is Hizbullah’s right to defend itself; highlighting that if the regime in Syria falls, Lebanon will be trapped in the US-“Israeli” regional snare.

Qaouk: Wherever the resistance fights, it defends the strategy of resistance against “Israel”
On this note, Deputy Chief of Hizbullah’s Executive Council His Eminence Sheik Nabil Qaouk stated, “The group responsible for hitting the Southern Suburbs of Beirut wants to achieve a mere “Israeli” goal,” stressing, “If they wished to frighten or terrorize us, they have failed, because the resistance does not blackmail and cannot be blackmailed, neither does it terrorize nor be terrorized.”
“Any internal or foreign hand that wants to stab the resistance in the back will be severed,” he added.
“The series of terrorism expands from Baghdad to Damascus to al-Qseir and now to the Southern Suburbs. The interests behind this terrorism are “Israeli”, the administration is American, and the funding and arming is Arab,” His Eminence emphasized.

“We will not be dragged to secession but we also will not allow any internal or foreign force to come near the resistance,” he remarked, underlining, “The resistance is ready for all possibilities of confrontation with “Israel”, and wherever we fight, we defend the strategy of resistance against “Israel”.”

Raad: Our main direction is to face the “Israeli” enemy

For his part, Head of Hizbullah’s Loyalty to the Resistance Parliamentary Bloc MP Mohammad Raad underscored, “Our main direction is to face the “Israeli” enemy, and it is our right to cover our backs to be able to face this enemy.”

He further added that this war is not between Shiites and Sunnis, because the Takfiri groups fighting in Syria are also against Sunnis.

“The so-called opposition in Syria doesn’t mind to make peace with the Zionist enemy, and its leader had declared since the beginning of the crisis that if they took office, they would cut ties with Iran and resistance support against “Israel”,” the MP noted.

He further pointed out to the “wounded militiamen who were hospitalized in the occupied territories, the “Israeli” tank destroyed by the Syrian Army a week ago in the Golan Heights, and how it entered a town controlled by armed men.”

Fadlallah censures the Chiyah incident

In parallel, member of Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc MP Hassan Fadlallah affirmed that the assault that targeted Mar Mkhayel Church area in the Southern Suburbs of Beirut is an assault against Lebanon and an attempt to damage civil peace and internal stability.

“When the investigations conducted by the government are done and the perpetrators are exposed, we will comment according to the outcome,” he added.
“There is a misleading campaign on the resistance ever since 2005 that tries to distort the resistance’s image. They never believed in the resistance and always conspired against it, however their bid has failed just as their bid on Syria failed,” The MP noted.

Moreover, Fadlallah stressed that the resistance is only concerned in defending itself, and any targeting from any place will be resisted.

Saheli: Events in Syria are a war on the resistance and its path

Furthermore, member of Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc MP Nawwar Saheli commented, “Events today are a price that the resistance has to pay for its victory in the July war, and this war still continues; by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, internal tensions, conspiracies on the resistance, and today the war on Syria.”
“Events in Syria today are a war on the resistance and its path,” he added, noting, “These valiant martyrs who have fallen are the martyrs of the resistance and defend both Lebanon’s Muslim and Christians.”

Moussawi: Whoever wants to defend Lebanon must not stick their head in the sand and ignore the looming danger

Likewise, member of Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc MP Nawwaf Moussawi stated, “The battle in Syria today is merely an American-“Israeli” war that aims at dividing countries sunken in civil war.”

“If Syria falls, Lebanon would fall into a bear’s trap between the grasps of American-“Israeli” tools, which are the Takfiri groups in Syria and the grasps of the Zionist aggression on Lebanon.” he noted.

Fayyad: Defending the resistance is our duty wherever the location or direction

On a similar note, MP Ali Fayyad stressed, “Our resistance is against the “Israeli” occupation and its role is to defend our land, people, and sovereignty in face of the “Israeli” enemy. However, our role is to also defend the resistance wherever the destination or location.”

“Our resistance will always be for the nation and land, and will never be sectarian,” he added.

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