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Hizbullah praises Hamas-Fatah reconciliation

Hizbullah Praises Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation, Considers it First Fruits of Egyptian Revolution

Commenting on the inter-Palestinian reconciliation step, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

Hizbullah praises any unity between the forces targeted by the Zionist enemy, and considers that the approach represented by the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation step, strengthens the Palestinian cause and the anti-Zionist resistance movements.

We have seen the US-Zionist irritation regarding this reconciliation, and this is evidence that the reconciliation is in its correct path, which serves the struggling march of the Palestinian people towards liberating their land from the occupation.

Hizbullah therefore congratulates Egypt, which dedicated this conciliation for the Palestinians. Hizbullah further considers this accomplishment to be the first fruits of the popular revolution [Egyptian] that is hoped to bring back Egypt to its natural status in adopting the nation’s causes and supporting it.

Hizbullah Media Relations

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