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Hizbullah Slams International Silence on Injustice in Bahrain

bahrain-hizbgullahCommenting on the Human rights violations taking place in Bahrain, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

The events in Bahrain have crossed all limits. It has been already two and a half years since the Bahraini regime has assaulted the [Bahraini] people and violated their human rights as they objected the state’s policies.

[The Bahraini regime] has demolished mosques, desecrated sanctities, detained children, women, and sick elderly people for their position against the state. It has also started to take away the citizenship of some locals, it has shut down the Scholarly Council, also unjustly killed many during the oppression of protesters who are part of the Bahraini society. The only guilt of this opposing majority is that they want participation in the state’s authority through free and popular elections, so that people can get their legitimate and just rights.

Henceforth, Hizbullah vehemently condemns the conduct of the Bahraini authorities which do not respect the simplest form of human and citizen rights. Hizbullah calls on the Bahraini authorities to listen to the legitimate demands of the opposition, and stop its injustice that has been ongoing for the past two and a half years.

Moreover, Hizbullah also slams the silence of the international community, which claims to care for international justice, especially that the Bahraini regime attitude towards its people does not entail mere condemnation but rather requires political pressure to respect the dignity and rights of the people in Bahrain.

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