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Houthi Mujaheds destroying several UAE-supplied armored vehicles

The Houthi forces launched a powerful attack in western Yemen this week, targeting the UAE-backed troops in the strategic Tahtiyah region.

The Houthi forces began their attack by storming the defenses of the UAE-backed troops at the eastern and western flanks of Tahtiyah.

 This flanking attack resulted in the Houthi forces overwhelming the UAE-backed troops at the Tahtiyah region.

According to the official media wing of the Houthi forces, their fighters managed to destroy at least seven vehicles belonging to the UAE-backed troops.

Among the mechanisms destroyed by the Houthi forces this week were three armored vehicles and four pickup trucks.

The Houthi forces also showcased one of the armored vehicles they seized from the UAE-backed troops in the Tahtiyah region.

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