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How did the leaders of six Latin American countries got cancer simultaneously!

6 world leaders got cancer simultaneously

Russian Communist Party leader accused the US in the death of the late President Hugo Chavez.
Gennady Zyuganov in an interview with Russia 24 TV Channel said: “how did the leaders of six Latin American countries, who were against the US policies, simultaneously diagnosed with one disease, cancer?”

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died of cancer on Wednesday morning, after enduring a long cancer treatment at the age of 58.

Zyuganov said: “these countries are trying hard to create an independent and influential block.” He Added: “this is not a coincidence, and it should be addressed, and international
investigation regarding this issue is necessary.”

Meanwhile, according to ‘RIA Novosti’ Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Russian President declined to comment on Zyuganov comments and said: “I cannot say anything about it.”

Chavez had speculated about involvement of enemies in his and some other Latin American leaders’ cancer disease.

Late President Chavez had said: “it is very strange that I and the leaders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay are all struggling with cancer.”

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