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How was the US-backed coup against the Iranian Revolution thwarted?

The enmity of America towards the Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic is not at all about the nuclear issue. It is wrong to think that America's hostility towards us is based on the nuclear issue. This is not the case. The nuclear issue is an excuse. Even long before the nuclear issue - that is to say, since the beginning of the Revolution - these hostilities and oppositions existed. Even if one day the nuclear issue is resolved - imagine that the Islamic Republic retreats, which is the thing they want - you should not think that these hostilities will be over. No, they will gradually make tens of other excuses.

For example, they will say, “why do you have missiles?”, “Why do you have drones?”, “Why are you on unfriendly terms with the Zionist regime?”, “Why do you not officially recognize the Zionist regime?”, “Why do you support resistance groups?” in, as they call it, the Middle East region and why and why and why…

The issue is not that they have disagreements with the Islamic Republic about its nuclear program. This is not the case. America’s sanctions began since the beginning of the Revolution and these sanctions increased on a daily basis so much so that today, it has reached a high level.

They showed other kinds of hostility as well. They brought down a plane which belonged to the Islamic Republic and they killed 290 humans. During the early years of the Revolution, when the people were still enthusiastic about the victory of the Revolution, they launched the coup d’etat based in Martyr Nojeh military base. They launched a coup d’état against the Revolution and they supported anti-revolutionary elements in different corners of the country. They gave weapons and other such things to the anti-revolutionary camp. This is the same thing that they did in other countries later on. Their enmity is not based on the nuclear issue. The issue is something else. The Iranian nation said no to the requests of America. The Iranian nation said that America cannot do a damn thing against us. The Americans are opposed to the identity of the Islamic Republic. They are opposed to the influence and power of the Islamic Republic. [Nov 3, 2013]

Any group that could make a move against the Revolution was supported by the Americans. The coup d’état that is known as “Shahid Nojeh Base Coup D’état” was one of these events. Offering help to those individuals who launched movements in a corner of the country and in the name of ethnicities was another example. Encouraging Saddam Hussein to attack Iran and eight years of offering assistance to Saddam Hussein was another example. They did so for eight years. Throughout the war – particularly after the second and third years – the Americans increased their support. They gave him resources. Both they and their European allies did this unfortunately. The Americans treated our Revolution like this. Their efforts were focused on destroying this structure.[Nov 3, 2015]

Before the beginning of the imposed war – a coup d’état launched by elements from the Air Force, the Ground Force, civilians and others – was an Air Force officer, a pilot. He came to me and reported what he had seen. –This was how the Air Force was informed of the plot, and they prepared themselves for it. So, it was an Air Force member who foiled a grave move which was supposed to be made in Shahid Nojeh Air Base in Hamedan, and which was going to extend to Tehran and other cities. –I have not forgotten this. The Islamic Republic will not forget this kindness, this assistance, and this great service [offered by the Air Force]. [Feb 7, 2017]

The plot was revealed by an Air Force officer. A young officer who was a pilot at the Air Force – later on, I met that officer in the war who had become a disabled war veteran – came to my house at dawn, telling me about the matter and what they had planned. However, we could not believe it. The young man had sweated hard to reach Imam in the dead of night – this is a long story – but he had failed to do so. They said to him that he should come visit me. So, he came to me and recounted the story. He was exhausted and afraid.

I summoned some people from intelligence and discussed the matter with them and they pursued the matter. The day after that, the coup was supposed to be carried out in Tehran, but a youth from the Air Force foiled all their plots. These are parts of our history. The history of the Revolution and revolutionary incidents and the history of the astonishing roles manifested in the Revolution is unfortunately unknown to many individuals. I put this down to the Air Force because it was that force which carried out that great feat. [Feb 8, 2019]

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