Huge ISIS surprise offensive stopped dead in its tracks by Iraqi forces


Iraqi forces have foiled a huge ISIS offensive launched against their border positions from inside Syria almost being overrun at first but holding out long enough for air support to arrive an annihilate the terrorist onslaught.

On early Tuesday morning, terrorists based in eastern Syria near the Iraqi border mustered elite storming forces and car bombs for a powerful offensive against Iraqi troops.

When ISIS delivered its blow, it fell on positions of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units’ (PMU) 29th Brigade in the strategic Tal Saffook region on the border with Syria.

Two car bomb attacks were hurled at Iraqi forces – it is unclear whether they hit their mark or not – after which ISIS shock troops attempted to rush PMU defenses.

Although almost being overrun, 29th Brigade held on long enough for the Iraqi Air Force to arrive and assist it in the battle with precision strikes that apparently devastated ISIS ranks.

In the end, terrorist fighters called-off their assault after heavy losses (number unspecified) and retreated back across the border into Syria.

Although today’s attack was big, it is by no means the first time ISIS has launched assaults against Iraqi forces from its holdouts in the east Syrian desert.

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