Human Rights

Human rights organization: Rikhawi’s life in danger

Human rights organization has warned that the life of Palestinian prisoner Akram al-Rikhawi, who has been on hunger strike for 71 days, was in danger due to medical neglect in Israeli prisons.

According to Physicians for Human Rights organization, prisoner al-Rikhawi has launched an open hunger strike on April 12, and has been deprived of an independent doctor’s visit for the past sixteen days, stressing the seriousness of his health condition due to the chronic diseases he suffers from.

The organization issued a statement on Friday revealing that the last doctor visiting Akram al-Rikhawi on June 6 had affirmed that the prisoner whose weight did not exceed 49 kilograms, is facing imminent death because of his long and ongoing hunger strike as well as his chronic health condition as he suffers from diabetes and asthma.

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