Hundreds of Tribal Forces Join Syrian Army in Deir Ezzur


Hundreds of tribal forces in Deir Ezzur joined the Syrian army to help liberate ISIL’s key base near the border with Iraq.

Media activists reported that over 500 forces from al-Bu Saraya tribe in Deir Ezzur have united with the army soldiers.

They also added that they are preparing to take part in the army operation to take back control of the strategic city of Albu Kamal at the border with Iraq from the ISIL terrorists.

Field sources confirmed on Wednesday that the Syrian pro-government forces have been engaged in tough battles with ISIL in Deir Ezzur province, advancing towards the border with Syria, adding that the Iraqi forces are also preparing for large-scale operation at common borders.

The Arabic-language al-Mayadeen TV network quoted well-informed sources as saying that the Iraqi joint forces are preparing for the launch of a large-scale operation against ISIL’s defense lines in the towns of Rawa and al-Qa’em and some villages in Nineveh province along the border with Syria.

In the meantime, the Syrian army men have been hitting ISIL’s positions in the two flanks of the Southern direction of the newly-liberated town of al-Mayadeen and the T2 oil pumping station in Southwestern Deir Ezzur towards the ISIL-held town of Albu Kamal in Southeastern Deir Ezzur at border with Iraq.

Liberation of al-Qa’em is the first step towards restoration of security to the borders with Iraq.

Meantime, the Iraqi Air Force has been bombing ISIL’s positions in Syria within the framework of vast coordination between Damascus and Baghdad.

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