I Have Never Had Any Problem in Iran: Dan Gaspar


Iranian goalkeepers coach Dan Gaspar said that he has never had any issues being a Portuguese-American in the Persian Gulf nation.

“It’s the safest place I’ve ever worked, and I’ve worked on four continents. I’ve never had any issues being a Portuguese-American. In fact, I’ve been very well-received,” Gaspar said in an interview with

“The people are kind and generous. They have the same desires and the same dreams and aspirations as people all over the world. There’s a lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions,” he added.

Iran almost qualified for the 2018 World Cup next round.

“We’ve qualified for Asian Cup 2019,” Gaspar added. “If we tie with Guam and Oman, we’re in the next round, so if things go according to the way they should, we should be okay. But soccer is so unpredictable.”

“It’s probably the most unjust team sport in the world. Most team sports, the best team wins, but as they say, you have to play the game, and anything can happen.”

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