IBSA asks zionist israel to stop settlement activities

Voicing deep concern over the deteriorating Middle East situation, India, Brazil and South Africa (IBSA), a group of emerging powers, have asked zionist israel to stop the ‘illegal’ settlement activities in occupied territories.

After hearing a UN Security Council briefing on the situation in the Middle East by Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs Oscar Fernandez-Taranco, IBSA said Israel’s continued settlement activities were a major roadblock to peace negotiations with Palestinians.

The group also condemned the zionists violent attacks on Palestinians.

‘We are deeply disturbed by the deterioration of situation on the ground and the escalation of violence,’ Brazil’s UN Ambassador Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti, accompanied by Indian deputy Permanent Representative Manjeev Singh Puri, told reporters at UN, pti reported.

She said the IBSA countries believe that continued settlement activities by zionist israel are ‘not only illegal under international law but also a major obstacle to peace.’

zionist israel has to stop settlement activities, not as a ‘concession’ in the course of the negotiations but rather as an obligation under various UN Security Council resolutions and international law.

IBSA also condemned the increasing violence by settlers against Palestinians living in adjacent areas.

Demanding action against those indulging in such violence, Viotti said evictions and demolition of Palestinians’ homes are equally disturbing.

It is also a matter of concern that zionist israel is yet to submit its proposals on security and border to the quartet of US, UN, Russia and EU envoys while the Palestinian side has already submitted the proposals, she said.

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