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Imam Ali Khamenei Admires Bobby Sands Resistance Against Decayed Monarchy of Britain


What I, like other brothers, would like to share with you is honoring the efforts of this Irish hero. We do not consider him as merely a freedom fighter. We have perceived the message of Bobby Sands ’ silent lips and we strongly believe in it. This message, is the message of the fall of the superpowers and the global domineering empire. It is time for the tyrannies to fade away and for the oppressed of the world to gain hope in their future. We have always reiterated and predicted this.

That an Irish freedom fighter – under the domination of the wrecked and decayed monarchy of Britain -resists in such a way that attracts the attention of the world, that such a character resists and exposes the opposing power, confirms the words Islam has taught us and we have reiterated it over and over and will keep doing so: The day of the fall of Satanic and tyrannical powers is close.

Bobby Sands Street in Tehran, capital of Iran

I use this public and divine stand at this part of the world to address all sisters and brothers across the globe who have stood up against oppression and despotism, particularly the comrades of this freedom fighter in Europe, in Ireland and ask them to resist and know that victor is for the oppressed and know that a nation at this corner of the world which has stood up [against oppression], supports and upholds you. We endorse you, we understand your message and we feel Bobby Sands’ sufferings. We have gone through the same.

َThe Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei 5/8/1981


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