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Imam Hussein presented ‘resistance’ notion to believers

Imam Hussein (AS) presented the concept of resistance to the Muslim believers, Tehran's Provisional Friday Prayers Leader Hojjatoleslam Haj Ali Akbari said, adding that resistance is the only way to achieve success.

Speaking during this week’s Friday Prayers sermon in Tehran, Hojjatoleslam Haj Ali Akbari spoke about the tragedy of Karbala and the resistance of Imam Hussein (AS) in the battle.

What Imam Hussein (AS) did was unique, the senior cleric said, adding that the Imam presented the prominent notion of “Resistance” to the community of believers.

Hojjatoleslam Haj Ali Akbari also said that resistance is the only way to achieve success.

According to him, today, the Islamic movement owes its survival to the sacrifices made by Imam Hussein (AS).

Elsewhere, Jah Ali Akbari pointed to the negotiations and said that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s officials have not linked the economy to them.

“Thanks God, the officials ave not tied the economic system of the country with the talks and are following the path of neutralizing the sanctions. The Establishment has decided to stand by the issue of neutralizing sanctions and they are implementing the Strategic Action law [approved by the Parliament] with power.”

He said the government’s negotiating team will protect the interests of the country decisively and vigilantly, adding “We also call on the enemies, the United States, and the negotiating parties not to test Iran. If you need to negotiate, which you do, try to meet Iranian nation’s conditions and stop making excessive demands.”

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