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Imam Khamenei: Iranian young elites, the designers of future progress


The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei said “Iran’s young elites are the designers and engineers of the future progress.”

According to IRIB World Service, addressing over one thousand outstanding young elites from different Iranian universities, Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei said that the precipitous scientific advancement is the fundamental policy of the Islamic system adding “The Iranian thinkers have collectively come to the point that if there we need several elements to push difficulties behind and cross dangers and cliffs, scientific progress is definitely one of them.”
Pointing to the high abilities and talents of Iranians, the leader of the Islamic revolution reiterated, “The talent of the Iranian elites is so high that any scientific and technological goal, whose infrastructure exists inside the country, will materialize and the Iranian young elites are able to take the country and nation to the peaks of all-out advancement.”
Imam Khamenei also said, “While analyzing all political, economic, regional and international events there shouldn’t be a superior view suggesting that there is a powerful front in the world that doesn’t want Islamic Iran to turn into a mighty country and nation in different domains especially in science and technology.”
Referring to some articles of the American and western thinkers and dignitaries in the beginning of the revolution, Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei added, “These articles would warn the political system of the west that the Islamic revolution of Iran does not mean changing a ruling system but it is tantamount to the emergence of a new power in west Asia which may take this rich and sensitive region out of the western dominance or shake the west’s dominance and might challenge the west technologically and scientifically.”
The leader stressed, “After more than 3 decades the nightmare of the Americans and westerners has come true and a great national and regional power has emerged that various political, economic, security and propaganda pressures have failed to knock it down; rather this great power has set the preparations for affecting the regional nations and granting identity to the Muslims.”
Elaborating on the very important developments of the region and the North Africa during the past two years and the US and western reaction to them, the leader of the Islamic revolution said, “The awakening of the nations and their steadfastness with empty hands against humiliating behavior of the west and America was a great event which, despite the westerners’ imagination has not finished.”
Elsewhere in his remarks the Supreme Leader said, “These events have been a historical turn that is being passed in the region; the ultimate fate is not yet reached and the westerners are worried about these events, too. These events owe their existence to the blessing of the Islamic revolution which has been the giver of good tidings of the emergence of a national, profound, faithful, robust, talented, growing and advancing power.”

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