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Imam Khamenei wishes for Syrian President’s quick recovery

Following news that the President of Syria has contracted Coronavirus, Ali Akbar Velayti, the Leader’s Advisor in International Affairs, met with Syria’s new Ambassador in Iran and delivered the Leader’s message in which he expressed his wishes for that President’s quick recovery.

In his meeting with Dr. Shafiq Dayoub, Dr. Velayati stated that the President of Syria is a strong, courageous leader who has played a very valuable, important role in preserving the independence of Syria. He has done this by showing Resistance in the face of all the invasions, enmities and plots over the span of an eight-year war which was imposed by international and regional criminals on Syria. He also said, “From the viewpoint of the Leader of the Revolution, Dr. Bashar Assad is an exemplary personage and he is a great, praiseworthy leader in his own country, in the region and in the camp of Resistance. That is why His Eminence entrusted me with the responsibility of delivering his message wishing him good health.”

The Leader’s Advisor in International Affairs described Syria as a pillar of the Front of Resistance and said, “The cooperation between the two governments and between the great nations of Iran and Syria is a strategic cooperation. And it is actually increasing on a daily basis.”

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