Indonesia slams Australian navy waters violations

2e1f5b837a78df05e813cc8b3d69eeda_LIndonesian authorities have strongly condemned Australian naval incursions into its waters as a “violation of its sovereignty”.

According to the reports, Indonesian government said in a statement on Friday that it “deplores and rejects the violation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity by Australian vessels.”
Jakarta says it will send a navy frigate to bolster its southern defenses after Australian ships repeatedly breached Indonesian territorial waters.
In an escalation of the stand-off over border protection, Indonesia drew a line in the sand on Friday. Indonesian officials say they will step up maritime patrols.
The strong response came after Australia apologized for repeatedly breaching Indonesian territorial waters.
The renewed tensions also came weeks after Indonesia said it was reviewing cooperation with Australia over its refusal to offer a formal apology for spying on Indonesian president and several top officials.

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