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Inf.Min: Syria Facing War with al-Qaeda-Affiliated Terrorist Groups


Minister of information Omran al-Zoubi said Syria and the Syrian people are fighting terrorist groups linked to al-Qaeda and supported directly by Qatar, the Turkish government and many other countries that have agendas in the region.

During his meeting with an Indian delegation comprising lawyers and journalists, Minister al-Zoubi pointed out to the Turkish role and the Qatari funding of the terrorist groups with US and European patronage in addition to the role of some Israeli companies in this regard.

He said that the plot against Syria started in 2006 after the Lebanese Resistance, supported by Syria, defeated Israel, adding that lots of terrorists affiliated to takfiri organizations from about 29 countries are fighting in Syria.

He said that hundreds of those terrorists were released from Arab and foreign prisons as to fight in Syria.

“Confronting these terrorist organizations, which can destabilize any country, needs a regional and international strategy… The Qatar funding and the Turkish logistic support make this mission difficult,” al-Zoubi said.

He briefed the attendance on the political program to solve the crisis, stressing that fighting terrorists and terrorism will not stop.

He hailed the positive stances of India in rejection of foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs, pointing out to the deep-rooted friendship relations between the two countries.

He also hailed India’s stance in support of Syria’s right to retrieve the occupied Golan, adding that the visit of the delegation is an opportunity to inspect the reality of the events in Syria, welcoming the cooperation between the Syrian and the Indian media outlets as to reveal the reality of the terrorist groups and the countries supporting them.

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