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Infighting Erupts among Saudi-Backed Terrorists in Yemen


The terrorist groups affiliated to the Saudi-led coalition engaged in armed clashes in the Western parts of the Yemeni province of Ta’iz, killing one fighter close to Hamoud al-Mekhlafi, an Ikhwan al-Muslimoun leader.

Local sources in Ta’iz confirmed that the armed clashes erupted in Beir Basha region in the Western parts of the province when the forces affiliated to Islah party weren’t allowed to take control of a security center in Ta’iz.

Islah party is one of the branches of IKhwan al-Muslimoun in Yemen which was supported by Saudi Arabia but media outlets recently reported gaps between them.

During the clashes, the financial official of Hamoud al-Mekhlafi was killed.

Relevant reports said in July that infighting has intensified between the Takfiri terrorist groups in the Southern parts of Yemen after the ISIL executed a senior Al-Qaeda commander.

Qassan al-Assadi, a senior Al-Qaeda leader, was executed by the ISIL in Abyan province in Southern Yemen which triggered heavy clashes between the two terrorist groups, the Arabic-language media outlets reported.

This is the second time that the ISIL has executed a senior Al-Qaeda commander. Earlier this year the ISIL had executed Al-Qaeda’s senior commander Abu Hajar al-Adani.

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