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International Peace Activists Group holds several meetings in Damascus

20140413-201359A delegation from the International Peace Activists Group met Saturday Grand Mufti of the Republic Ahmad Bader-Eddin Hassoun, Minister of Tourism Bishr Yazigi and with Greek Catholic Patriarch Gregorios III Laham of Antioch and All the East.

Hassoun hailed the unity of the Syrian people, army and leadership after 3 years of the global unjust war against Syria.

He called on the delegation to convey the true image of what is going on in Syria to the whole world which is still lying, as sometimes it says there is a sectarian war in Syria or there is a revolution.

Grand Mufti added that delegation was, closely, briefed on that the hireling terrorist groups came to Syria from 83 countries to kill the Syrians, destroy their homeland, taking their salaries from Arab and foreign countries.

Minister of Tourism Bishr Yazigi wondered about the world’s silence and ignorance of the terrorist acts perpetrated by the outlaw armed terrorist groups which destroyed the human being culture in Syria.

Yazigi called for supporting the Syrian Army as the genuine peace-maker who sacrifices itself for defending the whole world against terrorism.

In a relevant context, Patriarch Laham stressed the importance of the visit, calling for starting peace from Syria to prevail the whole region.

He pointed out that future of Syria determines the future of the world As a whole and that Christ was born in Palestine, but Christianity was born in Syria, hailing Syrian people steadfastness and aspiration to rebuild Syria, land of peace and love.

For their part, members of the delegation stressed their visit to Syria aims at getting acquainted with the truth of what is going on in it, conveying the true image to the western media and showing solidarity with the Syrian people in the face of the unjust war against their heritage and history.

Deputy Foreign and Expatriate Minister Hussam Eldin Ala’a attended the meeting.

International Peace Activists Group calls upon Syrians to work together to realize peace

Later, during a visit to Damascus University, head of the delegation Mairead Maguire said that people who love peace came from all around the world to Syria to voice rejection of takfiri terrorism, stressing the need to call things by their names away from the lies, misdirection and propaganda carried out by anti-Syrians media.

Maguire called upon Syrians to work together to realize peace through dialogue and learn from the example of other countries, voicing deep sorrow over the crimes of murder, displacement, destruction and abduction committed by terrorists.

In turn, activist Dr. Declan Hayes from Southampton University displayed images and documents showcasing US crimes against humanity in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and other countries through the US support for terrorism.

Hayes said that the visits he conducted in Syria along with the other delegation members allowed him to get a sense of the scale of Syrians’ suffering due to the crimes of terrorists backed by states that embrace the culture of death and wars, primarily the United States.

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