International Week to Break Israeli Siege on Gaza to kick off



Coordinator of the National Movement to Break the Siege on Gaza, Alaa al-Batta, Tuesday called on the Palestinian diasporas and world’s activists to join the International Week to Lift the Siege on Gaza starting May 31. Al-Batta said during a mass-rally attended by dozens of Palestinian women that the Global Campaign to Break the Siege on Gaza is expected to launch an international anti-siege week by the end of May in line with the anniversary of the Marmara massacre.

Al-Batta urged the international community and the World Humanitarian Summit held in Turkey in the presence of the UN Chief Ban Ki-moon and the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to opt for serious moves to lift the illegal siege. Feminist activist Raja al-Halabi, from Hamas Movement, dubbed the Israeli blockade “a multiparty crime.” Al-Halabi urged the Arab community to speak up for the Palestinian cause.  Spokeswoman for the International Campaign to Break the Siege, Mona Skeik, also called on the Palestinian masses to join the international anti-blockade week from May 31 to June 5.

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