Investors mustn’t miss out on Iran oil

052f6b4761f1d1e4568496e07770e11c_LIranian Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi has urged foreign oil traders and investors not to lose the opportunity of making investment in Iran’s lucrative oil and gas industry.

According to Press TV, in a meeting with Iranian and German oil managers and economic activists in Frankfurt, Germany, on Thursday, Qasemi outlined the Islamic Republic’s potentialities in oil, gas and energy sectors despite the illegal US-engineered sanctions.
He said although sanctions have created some problems for Iran, they have failed to stop the development of the nation’s oil industry.
Qasemi stated “Despite the West’s unjust sanctions, Iran’s oil industry has followed its development trend well, and we are going to achieve complete self-sufficiency in various upstream, midstream and downstream industries by seizing the opportunities that the West’s sanctions have created for us.”
He called on foreign economic enterprises to seize the opportunity and get involved in various sectors of Iran’s oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
Qasemi was in Germany to attend an international conference, which was hosted by the Munich Security Conference Foundation (MSC) and the F.A.Z. Forum in the city of Frankfurt to discuss “energy security.”

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