Iran advises western governments to end sponsoring violence in Syria

a9d554bca0c37c900eb30e3a72139802_LIran on Wednesday advised the western governments to end sponsoring violence in Syria and encourage the warring parties to opt for democratic means to restore peace and tranquility.

Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said that the western governments have taken measures which further complicate the situation in Syria.
Speaking to reporters at the end of the first cabinet meeting in the new Iranian year, Salehi criticized Arab League decision to give the Syrian government’s seat to Syrian opposition, saying “such mistakes further complicated the crisis in the country.”
According to IRIB, he added that the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly called for an end to violence in Syria.
“Unfortunately measures taken by certain countries in connection to Syria fuel the flames of violence and bloodshed in the country,” he said, noting that supplying the Syrian rebels with weapons will lead to further killing of innocent people in Syria.
The Iranian foreign minister said, “We should join hands to logically and legally and according to international law find a way out of Syrian crisis.”

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