Iran announces large-scale military exercise in the Strait of Hormuz

The Iranian Armed Forces announced the launch of the main stages of the joint Zulfiqar maneuvers that will take place on Thursday in the southern waters of the Islamic Republic for a three-day period.

The Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Army for Coordination Affairs, Admiral Habibullah Sayyari, said on Wednesday, in a statement carried by the Fars News Agency, “The main stages of these maneuvers will take place with the participation of units of the naval, air and ground forces and the army’s air defense force in an area of ​​2 million square kilometers in the waters of the eastern Strait of Hormuz, the coasts of Makran, the Sea of ​​Oman and the northern ocean.”

Habibullah Sayyari pointed out that “these maneuvers will take place in the framework of three stages, which are intelligence, tactical and capabilities review,” adding that “floating naval vessels, submarines and aircraft will participate in these maneuvers, the most important of which is the national submarine, the Fateh.”

He explained that “these major maneuvers will display part of the capabilities and preparations of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s army for confrontation at a real level.”

Sayyari said, “The enemy will face a wide battlefield in the event that he commits any strategic mistake toward Iran,” stressing that “in the event that the enemy commits any strategic mistake towards Iran, Tehran’s response and the geography of the war will not be limited to the West Asia region.”

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