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Iran army wraps up wargames in northeastern Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army ended its several staged exercises in the country’s Northeastern province of North Khorassan on Sunday.

The four-day drills were participated by the various units of the Army Ground Force deployed in the region.

The wargames codenamed “Ghadir” were carried out on a field 40 sq km in area. During the various stages of the exercises, the Army forces used various types of rockets, mortars and heavy artillery to combat the hypothetical enemy troops.

The spokesman of the wargames said on Tuesday that the army would use full equipment and advanced weapons with high destructive power in the maneuvers.

“Displaying the might, power and capabilities of the Army units and promoting the training and preparedness level of the forces are among the major goals of the drills,” Hossein Mohammadi added.

“Today, the Islamic Republic Army is at the highest level of readiness for defending the Islamic establishment,” he concluded.

Iran’s Armed Forces stage military maneuvers on a regular basis. Last Tuesday the country’s Armed Forces started massive air defense exercises throughout the country to boost capabilities of the Armed Forces in defending Iran’s airspace.

The military exercises named ‘Defenders of the Sky of Vellayat III’ covered the entire airspace of the country and ended on Sunday.

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