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Iran calls for disarmament timetable

Weeks after 189 members of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty called for the elimination of nuclear weapons on the global stage, Iran calls for a specific timeframe for the implementation of the ban.

Iran’s envoy at the UN headquarters in Geneva Seyyed Mohammad Reza Sajjadi said the greatest threat facing the world is the nuclear arsenals in possession of certain countries.

He voiced strong criticism against nuclear powers threatening non-nuclear states with their weapons.

“The world cannot wait forever to see if nuclear countries wish to dispose of their nuclear weapons or not. Therefore, it is essential that the international community takes immediate and serious measures with respect to the issue,” Sajjadi said.

The Iranian envoy went on to call on all representatives attending the upcoming Nuclear Disarmament Conference in Geneva to set a timetable for global nuclear disarmament.

Sajjadi said the Disarmament Conference should task a special committee to start negotiations for the removal of all nuclear weapons adding that this forum “must not remain indifferent toward this matter.”

The remarks come as earlier in May, 189 NPT member states reaffirmed their commitment to eliminating all nuclear weapons and called on Israel to denuclearize as part of efforts for a nuclear weapons-free Middle East

Israel — believed to be the possessor of the sole nuclear arsenal in the Middle East – has brushed aside international calls to sign the NPT, stubbornly refusing to commit to the international treaty.

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