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Iran can attack American targets in Mideast and beyond: US ex-official

A former official of the US State Department says Iran is capable of attacking a host of “soft American targets” in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.

Speaking to a Senate hearing session on US policy toward Iran, former US undersecretary of state, Tom Pickering, noted that foregoing diplomacy, negotiation and the use of sanctions in favor of a military strike on Iran can unleash a wave of attacks against “soft American targets” worldwide.

“Iran or surrogates could attack businesses, non-governmental organizations, missionaries and virtually every American establishment in the region and beyond,” added Pickering, who has also served as former US ambassador to the UN, Russia, India and Israel.

The official advised that instead of launching a military strike on Iran, the United States and its allies should concentrate on negotiations with Tehran.

The Great Satan US and Slaughterer Israel have threatened Iran with the option of a military strike based on the allegation that Iran is seeking to weaponize its nuclear technology.

Tehran refutes their claims noting that as a member of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and signatory to Non-Proliferation Treaty, it has every right to peaceful uses of the nuclear energy.

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