Iran criticizes Turk officials- “actions would not provide the pretext for pro-Zionist western intervention in the region”

FM Spokesman denounced recent remarks by officials in Erdogan government as false, and called for self-restraint and cooperation by both countries to solve regional crises.
Ramin Mehmanparast, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman, during a visit to Turkey, had meeting with Murat Karakaya, general manager of the Turkish Prime Ministry’s Press and Information Office on Monday evening.

Mehmanparast stated the official position of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Syria as ‘opposing western intervention in Syria and fostering regional cooperation’ in solving crises.

“Cessation of hostilities and providing conditions for national dialogue, and fair and democratic elections is the solution for Syria. Current instability and escalating violence is in line with the interests of Zionist regime and western countries,” he asserted.

He also called for more vigilance by countries in the region on western demands and added that the leaders of the region should take necessary cares that their actions would not provide the pretext for pro-Zionist western intervention in the region.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman denounced the remarks by some Turk authorities as false and emphasized on the importance of the cooperation by democratic means rather than controversial statements.

Mehmanparast appreciated the role of the media in developing relations between two countries and called the media for improving their sources to become a trusted source of the news and persuasive force for public opinion in both countries.

Murat Karayaka also highlighted the importance of consultation for Turkish officials and believed that despite the existing disagreements on some issues, dialogue is the best method to solve issues.

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