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Iran dispatches humanitarian aid to Haiti

Iran’s Red Crescent society says it has dispatched about 30 tonnes of humanitarian aid including food,
tents and medicine to quake-ridden Haiti.

“Iran’s relief supplies were sent to Haiti via a cargo plane Saturday morning,” Head of Iran’s Red Crescent Ahmad Esfandiyari said.

Tents, sugar, tuna fish and detergents are among Iran’s aid supplies to the disaster-hit nation.

The devastating earthquake that hit the nation has prompted countries across the globe to forward medical teams and relief supplies to the country in order to assist the survivors of the tragic incident.

Three Brazilian Air Force planes have also left Rio de Janeiro with a field hospital and medical equipment to help the victims. The United States has dispatched troops and ships to assist in earthquake rescue and recovery efforts.

US President Barack Obama says Washington will spend 100 million dollars for humanitarian aid and relief efforts.

European authorities have pledged millions in aid, both through Brussels and individually. The pledges include 6 million pounds from Britain, 3 million euros from Spain, 3 million euros from the European Commission, 2 million euros from the Netherlands and 1.5 million euros from Germany.

The European development ministers are due to gather in Brussels on Monday to see how to start reconstruction of the devastated land.

Although the Untied States and Europeans, such as France and Spain were quick to respond to the quake and send rescue teams to the country, UN peacekeepers have been warning that Haitians are increasingly angry that aid has not been distributed quickly enough.

A devastating earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale struck Haiti on 12 January 2010, killing hundreds and affecting thousands more.

Haitian Interior Minister Paul Antoine Bien-Aime says the death toll from the devastating earthquake that hit the nation could reach 200,000.The earthquake is the largest to have hit Haiti in over two hundred years.

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