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Whys making Islamic Revolution of Late Imam Rohullah Al- Mousawi Khomeini so Important


As the Islamic revolution of Iran changed political equations in the region and the world, it has also obtained great achievements during the past 34 years.
The Islamic Republic of Iran presented a new model of progress and development with trust in God and reliance on the ability of its youth. Prior to the victory of the Islamic revolution, countries were either placed in the western bloc led by the US or the eastern bloc under the Soviet. Therefore, they viewed security and development in accordance with the will of the two blocs.
The Islamic Republic of Iran opened a new path for the oppressed nations and the liberating movements. The services and activities of the Islamic Republic system inside the country are very broad. They can be classified in economy, politics, culture, knowledge and technology. The most important achievement of the Islamic Republic in political field is toppling the 2500 year old monarchic regime and establishment of a religious popular government on the basis of Islamic teachings. Prior to the victory of the Islamic revolution the western liberal democracy was considered as the only choice of a government based on people’s votes, despite the fact that it is the people’s rights that are mostly trampled in the liberal democracy of the west. The western regimes have actually separated religion from politics to legitimate colonialism and exploitation of nations. This comes at a time when the main and basic objective of divine religions has been human growth and perfection on the basis of monotheism and worship of God and invitation to campaign against disbelief and polytheism. In order to loot the reserves and resources of the deprived masses, the imperialists of the world or the World Arrogant, as they were called by Imam Khomeini, raised the theory of separation of religion from politics to control the intellectual, cultural, religious and national assets of the Islamic societies and plunder their resources. The victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran nullified the theory of separation of religion from politics and turned the Islamic movement into a coherent global phenomenon.
Due to his enlightening guidelines and trust in people, Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon his soul) let the people choose their own fate through various elections. The nationwide participation of the Iranian people for determining the type of government in a referendum within less than 2 months after the victory of the Islamic revolution, holding the constitutional assembly election, presidential election, the Islamic Consultative Assembly election, the referendum for the first Islamic Republic Constitution in the first year of victory of the Islamic revolution were among the great political achievements of the Islamic revolution. The participation of Iranian people in every domain of administering the country for the past 34 years has been in a way that an election is held almost each year. Next June, the Iranians will once again rush to the ballot boxes to elect the new president.
As for the cultural and social issues, the Islamic revolution has had great achievements. Truly speaking, the Islamic revolution of Iran is a cultural revolution and achievements in other domains have actually stemmed from the deep changes in socio-cultural domain. The neo-colonialism has based its ways for looting the resources and riches of the poor countries on the cultural dominance. Making Muslims alien from the genuine Islamic culture is one of the most prominent plots of the colonialists to perpetuate their rule over their colonies.
The sage of the age and the man of the millennium Imam Khomeini said to Muslims, “The west has been so much manifested in the eyes of a stratum of this nation that we think there is nothing except the west. This intellectual dependence on the west is the source of most of the miseries of the nations including ours.”
After the Islamic revolution, revival of Islamic culture and values was taken into consideration and in addition to educational centers, mass media including radio and TV, newspapers, magazines and even cinema, theatre and other artistic and cultural fields were used to grow the Islamic culture.
The campaign against illiteracy and the speedy growth of academic centers raised the level of knowledge and public awareness to the extent that the Islamic Republic of Iran ranks among the successful countries in countering illiteracy and upgrading the level of public knowledge. Today the number of university students is about 4 million in Iran and every year over one million people take the entrance exam of universities. As the capacity of the universities becomes near to the number of the enthusiasts for entering academic centers, the officials have thought of omitting the entrance exam.
The economic achievements of the Islamic revolution have also been very much tangible. Prior to the victory of the Islamic revolution, Iran was dependent on oil exports. This dependence had paralyzed Iran’s economic structure in a way that the main activity of the industries was montage and dependent on western industries and experts.
Agriculture had also a miserable condition with a very low output. For this reason, a widespread migration from villages to cities was underway. Large cities like Tehran were full of slums populated by poor villagers.
Victory of the Islamic revolution was a development in Iran’s industry and agriculture. Now the Iranian experts are bale to manage all operations of the oil industry such as exploration, drilling, excavation, export, and refinery; whereas this industry was fully dependent on the west before the revolution. Meanwhile explorations in the oil industry have rapidly and remarkably grown after the victory of the revolution. Over the past 3 decades, more than 50 billion oil barrels have been added to Iran’s oil reserves thanks to the discovery of new oil and gas fields. The Islamic Republic of Iran is among the 5 countries with the greatest oil reserves in the world.
Presently, over 90 percent of Iranian people use piped gas; while before the victory of the Islamic revolution only a small part of some large cities had access to piped gas.
Petrochemical industry, as one of the main branches of the oil industry, is very significant in the present world. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, many great investments have been made in this field. By development in the petrochemical industry, Iran is seeking to stop crude oil sale and exploitation of oil reserves. Export of Iran’s petrochemical products stands at over 20 billion dollars per annum.
Islamic Republic of Iran has been successful in agriculture, too. Harvesting over 14 million tons of wheat has made Iran self-sufficient in the production of this strategic crop and there is no more need to import it. Iran ranks among the 10 countries in producing some agricultural and garden products.
Scientific advancements and technological breakthroughs after the victory of the Islamic revolution have been more dazzling. Enrichment of uranium enrichment for peaceful purposes especially production of energy and radio medicines are the domains in which the Islamic Republic has broken the monopoly of the big powers and bullying countries. One of the reasons behind the western unilateral sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran is to halt Iran’s scientific progresses. These achievements are not restricted to nuclear energy. As for the researches on NANO technology and other modern technologies, the Islamic Republic of Iran has gained renown in the world. Stem cells, cloning and access to certain medicines for countering incurable diseases are the fields which have drawn the attention of many relevant people in the world to the results of researches of Iranian scientists. Launching satellite into the space and in the successful dispatch of chimpanzee capsule into the space shows that the Iranian young scientists have taken very big strides in scientific domains with reliance on their capabilities. These achievements have been gained at a time when the Islamic Republic of Iran has been mercilessly exposed to different types of western sanctions for the past 3 decades. But these pressures and sanctions make the Iranian nation more determined to continue the path shown by the sage of the age and the man of the millennium, the late leader of the Islamic revolution, Imam Khomeini whose very name sends shudders to the spines of the Arrogant Powers and the enemies of humanity especially the Great Satan (the US of A) and the fabricated Zionist regime of Israel.

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