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Iran distributes aid to Gaza


The first phase of aids donated by Iranians has been distributed among the orphans of the martyrs in Gaza on October 5, coinciding with Eid al-Adha.

The first phase of distribution of Iranian aids among the orphans of the martyrs in Gaza took place on October 5, coinciding with Eid al-Adha. These aids have been collected during the 51-day Gaza war through the internet portal of the International Union of Unified Ummah and distributed among 30 children of Gaza martyrs.

During an event, the aids which comprised of clothes and toys were gifted to the martyrs’ families with the assistance from one of the charities in the Gaza Strip.

Khaled Al-Azbat, the person in charge of this charity, commended the Iranian donors and said, “we ask our brothers in Iran and the Union of Unified Ummah to lend more support to such projects and extend them so that they would include the guardianship of more orphans and also to include financial aids to cover for their educational expenses.”

In regard to the project of adopting 30 orphans, he said, “this project consists of 6 successive phases in 6 months and includes the adoption of 30 orphans chosen by related groups. The phase one of distribution of clothes and toys has been successfully carried out.”

The wife of one of the Gaza martyrs who had participated in this event said, “we ask all the Muslims in the world to follow in Iran’s footsteps and aid and support Palestinian people. We are greatly thankful to Iranian people for sympathizing with us. We are an oppressed nation suffering from severe calamites.”

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