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Iran ex-diplomat blasts UK HR hypocrisy

Iranian ex-diplomat Nosratollah Tajik who was illegally put on house arrest in Britain for six years says his case represents a clear instance of human rights violation by a government that claims to be the champion of those rights.

He told the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB): “In a country where they claim to be champions of human rights, my family and I are clear instances of breaches of human rights.”
The former Iranian ambassador to Jordan was arrested in London in 2006 over fabricated charges by the United States that he was trying to export US-made night-vision goggles to Iran.
He returned to Iran on Wednesday after winning a hard-fought legal battle against the charges in the British High Court and being cleared of the charges on November 27.
Tajik, who has always maintained his innocence and the fact that the charges against him were politically-motivated, said his ordeal in Britain began right after the first hearing into his case.
He said: “They moved me to a cell and refused to give me my heart medicine and even one of my fellow prisoners threatened to murder me.”
The former diplomat who was in Britain for his studies added he was later released on bail but they ruined his life through putting him under home arrest.
He said: “They put electronic tags on me and placed me under 24-hour watch at home and told me to check in at a police station every other day that ruined my own and my family’s life.”

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