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Iran Foreign ministry: It’s time for US regime’s human rights accountability at home, abroad

The Iranian Foreign Ministry says the time is ripe for the international community to hold the United States regime accountable for its human rights abuses both inside and outside of its borders.

“It’s high time the world worked for the US regime’s human rights accountability at home & abroad,” the Ministry tweeted on Thursday.

The Ministry posted the message, hailing the convening of an urgent UN Human Rights Council debate on the brutal murder of African-American citizen George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer last month and the broader issue of racism in the United States that has been fueling such atrocities.

The debate began on Wednesday, and was to hold its second part on Thursday.

“Iran welcomes UN Human Rights urgent debate on human rights violations in the US,” the tweet read.

“Systemic racism, police brutality & violence against peaceful protests represent just the tip of the iceberg,” it added.

The gathering hosted an address via video-link by the victim’s brother Philonise, who urged the UN body to investigate police brutality and racial discrimination in the US.

Disturbing footage emerged on May 25 showing the officer choking unarmed Floyd to death by pinning him down with his knee.

The officer refused to relieve the pressure although Floyd was heard repeatedly pleading for his life and saying, “I can’t breathe.” The officers had been called to the scene, a Cup Foods’ store on the 3700 block of Chicago Avenue South, after the victim was reported to be attempting to use forged documents.

On Wednesday, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi reminded that apart from the American people, nations across other parts of the world have also fallen prey to racist and unjust approaches adopted by various American administrations.

“Responsibility for such attitudes falls squarely on the US administration,” the official asserted.

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