Iran has four satellites at hand to launch

Iran has four satellites in the final testing phase and ready to launch, a report has said.

Iran has four satellites in the final testing phase and ready to launch, a report by IRNA on the new achievements by the Iranian aerospace companies has said.

The report said that the ‘Zafar 2’ satellite is in the final stages of its completion, while ‘Nahid 1 and 2’ are ready and “Pars 1” has been handed over to the Iranian Space Agency.

In the meantime, the Orbital Transmission System (Saman 1), as well as the ‘Arash’ space engine, are also undergoing final tests. 

A previous report by the Iranian Space Agency (ISA) said Nahid or Venus is a solar-powered communication satellite with a planned launch to low Earth orbit in September 2019. An explosion occurred on the launch pad during launch preparation on 29 August 2019, though the satellite itself was apparently not part of the test and remains undamaged.

Moreover, ‘Pars 1’ satellite with a weight of about 110 to 120 kg successfully passed all its functional and environmental tests and was delivered to the Iranian Space Agency in January 2020. ‘Pars-1’ satellite is the most advanced remote-sensing satellite ever built in Iran. 

‘Pars-1’ is supposed to take pictures of all parts of the country using a high-resolution 15-meter-camera and send its photos from a 500-kilometer orbit to the earth stations using a high-powered telecommunication transceiver

Furthermore, ‘Saman’ blocks transmission and ‘Arash’ space engine are two other products in the field of space manufactured locally by Iranian experts that are ready to be unveiled and operated, according to the IRNA report.

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