Iran: IRGC Test-Fires Advanced Rockets in ‘Grand Prophet-11’ Drills


IRGC Ground Forces has staged a military drill codenamed Grand Prophet (as) during which they have reportedly test-fired advanced missiles and rockets.

Central Desert hosts the drill by IRGC Ground Forces. The theme of the drill seeks to display strength and sustainable security, Mehr News reported.

Missiles with pinpoint accuracy and other advanced (though yet undisclosed) rockets were test-fired during the drills.

Anti-air artillery, drone, infantry, and aviation units of the IRGC Ground Forces participate in the drill. On Monday, they shot targets of fictional enemy by pinpointing them with smart and electronically-led rockets, according to Mehr.

The drill will continue to Wednesday and the engaging units will display their defensive capabilities in countering foreign enemies’ encroachments.

Source: Mehr News Agency

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