Iran marks Basij week


A huge gathering to mark Basij week in Iran;
A large group of Basij or volunteer forces have gathered in central Tehran and other Iranian cities to mark the anniversary of the formation of Basij Mostazafin or the mobilization of the oppressed organization. Following victory of the Islamic Revolution and in view of the global plots against Iran, late founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini issued an order on formation of Basij in November 1979, saying, “A country with 20 million youths must have an army with 20 million soldiers.” Less than a year after Imam’s order, the Iraqi Baathist regime, supported by global arrogance with the aim of overthrowing the nascent Islamic Republic system, waged a full-scale invasion on Iran. And at the same time, Basij forces rushed to the battlefields and defended the country against the all-out invasion. Some say that without Basij, Iran would have lost the war.

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