Iran official rejects Sherman’s ‘worthless’ remarks

8c098d1ac7370342481716b362280be4_LA close aide to Leader of the Islamic Ummah Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei has dismissed as “interventionist and worthless” remarks by a US negotiator about Iran’s nuclear facilities.

According to the reports, Ali Akbar Velayati on Friday said: “The Americans are expressing in a worthless literature [used] by their low-ranking officials what they failed to do in practice.”
Velayati, who is foreign affairs advisor to the Leader, was reacting to remarks by US top nuclear negotiator Wendy Sherman about Iran’s nuclear facilities.
He said the Iranian nation does not care for Sherman’s “bombastic rhetoric.”
Velayati added that the continuation of talks over Iran’s nuclear issue depends on the goodwill of world powers.
He said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran will not back down an iota from its nuclear rights and these talks [between Iran and the 5+1 Group] will continue in case of the opposite party’s goodwill.”

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