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Iran once more humiliates disgraced Trump: Iran Doesn’t Take Trump Seriously

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council [SNSC] Chief Ali Shamkhani stressed that his country doesn’t take US President Donald Trump and his remarks seriously.

In an interview with “Russia Today”, Shamkhani said that “Trump’s policy of sanctions and economic war followed on the Iranian people will not bear fruit.”

He further pointed out that US’ hostile policy will be defeated in the end.

“We have 15 neighbors, and given the geographical borders, the economic environment and most importantly, the presence of the Iranian people, the sanctions to be foiled,” the top Iranian official said.

Shamakhani also highlighted that Iran’s policy is clear in terms of supporting security and stability, especially in terms of international global and energy conditions, and that “Tehran will not attack anyone, but if we were attacked, the aggressor will regret.”

“The military presence of the foreign warships, especially the American ones in the region, is a source of tension. A good example of this is their support for Saddam in his war against the Iranian people and the use of chemical weapons, and ultimately his invasion to Kuwait,” he said.

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