Iran Planning to Turn Sarakhs Economic Zone into Petrochemical Hub

KH-7Iranian officials announced that they plan to turn Sarakhs Free Economic Zone into a hub of petrochemical products.
“Sarakhs as a new petrochemical hub will turn into one of the main production centers of urea, sulfur and ammonium in the country,” the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) Director for Planning and Development, Ramezan Ouladi, said.

“In the Sixth Development Plan of Petrochemical Industry, Chabahar, Lavan and Sarakhs have been planned as three new petrochemical hubs,” Ouladi said.

Earlier this year, an Iranian deputy oil minister announced that in addition to new petrochemical hubs in Chabahar, Lavan and Sarakhs, 20 other petrochemical projects will become operational in the country.

The announcement was made by Deputy Oil Minister and Head of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) Abdolhosain Bayat said in June.

He added that nameplate production capacity of petrochemical products will reach 100 million tons in 2015, provided financing of the projects go ahead on schedule.

In addition to three petrochemical hubs, 20 other petrochemical projects are waiting for investment, the NPC chief said.

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