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Iran Prepared to Respond to Any Threat: Commander

Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh hailed the successful holding of a massive aerial drill in central Iran and said the country is fully prepared to respond to any foreign threat.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the war game in the central province of Isfahan on Friday, Brigadier General Nasirzadeh said most of the objectives behind the military exercise, codenamed Fadayeeyan Harim Velayat 8, were achieved.

“Our message to the Iranian nation is that we are ready to respond to any threat,” the commander said.

“Our message to the regional nations and neighboring countries is a message of peace and friendship because the more prepared we are, the better regional security is provided and there is no need for the presence of foreigners in the region,” he added.

A spokesperson for the Fadayeeyan Harim Velayat 8 war game, which was held in Isfahan on Thursday and Friday, said that during the drill, F-4 Phantom fighter jets of the Air Force detonated ground targets of the hypothetical enemy by dropping 2000-pound Qassed standoff bombs, which are smart, have pinpoint accuracy, and have been developed by the IRIAF experts.

During Friday morning’s stage of the war game, ultralight aircraft and offense drones were also flown to detect and hit the positions configured to mirror the capabilities of hostile targets.

Different types of bombers, large military transport aircraft, interceptor and reconnaissance planes, and patrol aircraft took part in the drill.

Iran’s Armed Forces hold routine military exercises throughout the year.

Iranian officials have made it clear that the country’s military programs, including the routine exercises and test of new missiles, are meant to boost the country’s defense and deterrence capabilities and will not be hampered by anything, including foreign pressures.

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