Iran President lauds people for safeguarding Islamic system


President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday the Iranian people have passed their tests successfully over the past 40 years in safeguarding Islamic Republic, revolution, country and national interests despite all ups and downs.

‘What US leaders say today is not something new for the Iranian people because such remarks belong to 40 years ago,’ Rouhani said at a meeting of high ranking officials with Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Except for an illegal regime and some tiny countries, all other countries of the world voiced opposition to the US exit from Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and this was a victory for Iran on international political scene, Rouhani said.

‘The Leader of the Islamic Revolution has guided the government in all its decisions. Today we are engaged in talks with other five parties to the JCPOA. Although they have announced their adherence to the deal in word and political statements we should wait and see what they will do in practice,’ he said.

Rouhani said he was scheduled to meet with the Russian and Chinese leaders and contact three other European countries in coming weeks, adding ‘If these five countries can meet our JCPOA-related economic benefits we will continue to stay in the deal without the US or else we will make necessary decision and run the country in the best possible manner with or without the JCPOA.’

The US recent moves served to make the Iranian people more united and as long as the united nation of Iran stands by the Leader of the Revolution, no power will be able to bring this nation to its knees, the President reiterated.

The United States has been isolated now whereas the world public opinion lauds the Islamic Republic of Iran as a country of law and peace that has remained committed to its obligations, he said.

Pointing to the country’s economic situation, Rouhani said reliance on oil incomes has reduced and hard currency revenues from exports of non-oil commodities in the first two months of current Iranian calendar year registered an increase of 28.5 percent compared to the similar period the previous year.

Today, the country does not need to import gas oil any longer and it is geared to become self-sufficient in production of gasoline by the year end, Rouhani said.

The 11th and 12th government commissioned 11 phases of South Pars gas field development project and four other phases are to come on stream by the year end, the president said.

Although the country faces shortage of water, the government has taken necessary measures for all provinces especially the drought-stricken ones, he said.

Referring to the issue of hard currency, Rouhani said perhaps in the eyes of the Americans hard currency and chaos in foreign exchange market is the Achilles heel of the Islamic Republic but Iranian officials had predicted this situation a few months ago and accordingly made necessary planning in order to meet people’s needs under any circumstances even without the JCPOA.

Under current conditions prevailing in the country, the Iranian people will continue treading their revolutionary, religious and national path, and by the grace of God and through resistance, piety and steadfastness, the final victory will belong to the Iranian nation, Rouhani said.

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