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Iran President Unveils Agreements with S. Korea, Japan, Iraq, Oman on Release of Iran’s Assets

President of Iran Hassan Rouhani lauded the agreements with South Korea, Japan, Iraq and Oman to unfreeze Iranian funds as an omen of the Islamic Republic’s victory against the economic war.

In comments at a Tuesday meeting of the Administration’s Economic Coordination Headquarters, Rouhani pointed to a report from the governor of the Central Bank of Iran about the agreements reached with South Korea, Japan, Iraq and Oman on the release of the Iranian currency assets, saying the promising signs of the enemy’s failure in its economic war on Iran are beginning to emerge.

The futility of sanctions on Iran is becoming clearer, the president noted, saying the Iranian people’s maximum resistance against the full-blown economic war imposed by the enemy is yielding results.

“One of the outcomes is the release of the Iranian currency resources blocked illegally and unjustly,” he added, stressing that the unfreezing of the assets will give fresh impetus to the country’s economy. 

After a Monday meeting in Tehran, the governor of the Central Bank of Iran and South Korea’s ambassador reached an agreement on how to release and spend part of Iran’s assets blocked in South Korea.

The two sides have come to an agreement on transferring the Iranian financial resources to certain destinations, as South Korea has been informed about the CBI’s decisions about the volume of the transactions and the destination banks.

The South Korean ambassador has reportedly expressed Seoul’s readiness to take whatever measures necessary to use all of Iran’s financial resources in South Korea “without any limits”.

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