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Iran reveals its capturing ‘accurate images’ of Israel, US from its satellite

The Secretary of the Expediency Council for the Diagnosis of the Regime in Iran, Mohsen Rezai, said that the Noor military satellite sends daily accurate pictures of the United States and Israel when it passes over them.

He said that his country is monitoring the atmosphere of the two countries, “and that is beyond our monitoring of their movements in Syria and Iraq.”

The Revolutionary Guards announced last April the launch of the first satellite for military purposes, adding that it had settled in its orbit 425 km from the surface of the earth, which raised American and European fears and criticism.

In another context, Rezai revealed during a speech in Tehran, about the friction that took place between the American and Iranian forces last month, against the background of Tehran sending five tankers to Venezuela.

He said: “During the recent sailing of Iranian oil tankers towards Venezuela, the Americans had an intention to impede the movement of our tankers, but we sent reconnaissance planes over American ships, and we issued warnings to them, and thanks to this threat our tankers arrived in Venezuela.”

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