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Iran reveals why it confronted a US submarine in the Persian Gulf

On Saturday, the Iranian Navy revealed the details of the attempt to approach a U.S. submarine during a maneuver in the Persian Gulf this week.

The Assistant Commander of the Naval Force for Coordination Affairs in the Iranian Armed Forces, Admiral Hamzah Ali Kawyani, said in statements via the Iranian “First Channel”, that “the foreign submarine was American,” pointing out that “Iranian submarines and ships managed to surround that American submarine and warn it repeatedly.”

“The foreign submarine’s movements was approaching the maneuvers area of ​​the Iranian Navy in the northern Indian Ocean region, and it was monitored by the navy’s anti-submarine helicopters,” Ali Kawyani said.

Last Thursday, the Iranian forces announced that they had spotted a foreign submarine that approached the maneuvering area of their naval drills, indicating that the foreign submarine approached the maneuver area in the final stage in the northern Indian Ocean, which required the movement of its forces.

Video footage of the standoff was posted by the Iranian media this week, showing the moment an anti-submarine helicopter approaching the U.S. naval vessel.

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