Iran seeks constructive ties while preserving principles with EU

IMG15141555Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for European and American Affairs has said the Islamic Republic of Iran pursues a policy of moderation with the EU, while seeking a constructive relationship with adherence to the principles.
Majid Takht Ravanchi said that “our principles are of great value for us and policy of moderation does not mean we abandon our principles.”

He asserted that “moderation means we pursue our principles and religious sanctities and at the same time we seek constructive relations with the world.”

“The officials regularly frequent between Tehran and the EU capitals and we pursue a policy of moderation with the EU however, such relations should adhere to the principles.” said he and that “Europeans also know that they will benefit economically in relations with Iran.”

Takht Ravanchi maintained that “the issue of Iran’s defense capability is not included in nuclear negotiations and Iranian officials will never accept to include this matter in the talks because Iran principally believes that these negotiations are held within the framework of the nuclear issue and we will not accept other topics to be mentioned in the talks.”

“Iran has good will in nuclear negotiations and focus on nuclear issues to produce good outcome” believed he.

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