Iran sent oil to Lebanon despite sanctions: IRGC cmdr.

Stating that Iran does not send oil to any country free-of-charge, IRGC Chief Commander said that despite all sanctions, the country sent oil Lebanon.

Speaking in a meeting of Students’ Basij of universities and academic centers of the country in the holy city of Mashhad on Tueday, Major General Hossein Salami IRGC Chief Commander emphasized Iran’s unparalleled power in the international arena despite oppressive and cruel sanctions imposed by foreign countries against the country.

Turning to the Basij Week, Salami said that Basij was a miraculous entity that emerged at the behest of the late founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini (RA) who managed to do great in the early years after the the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Under the wise leadership of the Islamic Revolution, Islamic Republic of Iran thwarted all conspiracies and plots waged by the Global Arrogance against the Establishment, he added.

Addressing the Basiji students, Major General Salami called them as future-maker of the country and advised them to safeguard sublime values of the Islamic Revolution to steer the country towards prosperity.

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