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Iran Signs Contracts to Export Arms: Defense Minister

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami unveiled plans for the export of homegrown weapons under new contracts with a number of foreign countries.

In comments on Wednesday, the Iranian defense minister said contracts have been signed with a number of countries to export arms.

He noted that negotiations are underway for the purchase of arms from various countries as well.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s arms cooperation with some countries has been pursued very well in the period that the Americans made attempts and imposed arms sanctions on us, and after the termination of embargo,” Brigadier General Hatami said.

He was referring to the termination of the UN arms restrictions on Iran in October, five years after adoption day of the JCPOA in accordance with UNSC Resolution 2231.

In comments after the termination of the UN arms embargo, Hatami said the sales of Iranian weapons would outstrip the imports.

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