Iran slams civilian killings in Egypt


Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has strongly condemned the recent killing of a number of civilians in Egypt, urging Egyptian political figures and factions to help stop divisions in the North African country.

According to Press TV, Salehi on Wednesday told reporters following a cabinet meeting in Tehran that ultimately it is the Egyptians who must determine their future.
Salehi said on Wednesday: “We hope Egyptian political pundits, tribes and various parties stop the division created in Egypt through cooperation, compassion and consultation so that the ill-wishers of Egypt will not find the opportunity to enter its political arena and complicate the situation by sowing discord.”
Salehi said Egypt plays an effective role in the region, and Iran hopes that stability can be restored to the country as soon as possible.
On Wednesday, Egyptian prosecutors charged 200 people for their alleged involvement in clashes outside a military barracks in the capital Cairo that left 80 people – mostly supporter of ousted president Mohamed Morsi – dead on July 8.
They will reportedly be held for 15 days pending investigation into accusations of murder, incitement of violence, carrying unlicensed weapons and disrupting public order and security.
The Muslim Brotherhood accuses the Egyptian army of committing a “massacre” outside the Republican Guard headquarters. However, the military says it was responding to an attack by “armed terrorists.”

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