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Iran slams Kerry’s anti Iran remarks


Iran’s FM Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham has strongly criticized US Secretary of State John Kerry for his recent remarks against Iran
Iran’s Foreign Ministry urged the United States to abandon the illusion of pressuring Tehran to change its nuclear stance

Afkham made the remarks late on Thursday, saying the Islamic Republic is standing firm on its inalienable rights and will never withdraw. She also stated that US hostility will never force Tehran to give up its nuclear rights.

The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman made the remarks after US Secretary of State John Kerry said the Geneva deal froze Iran’s nuclear energy program and forced Tehran to destroy some of its uranium stockpile and that sanctions against Iran remain in place.

Afkham said such remarks tarnish the positive atmosphere between Iran and the six major world powers ahead of a new round of talks in less than two weeks.

Afkham added “The US is trying to impose a new negative atmosphere over Iran and world powers talks”.

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