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Iran starts production of surface-to-air missiles

Iran has announced starting the production run for new medium-range surface-to-air missiles with the aim of upgrading its air defense systems.

Iran’s Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said the missiles have a range of more than 40 kilometers.

Ahmad Vahidi added that the smart missiles travel at supersonic speed before hitting their targeted enemy aircraft.

Vahidi said these technologically advanced missiles are apt in electronic warfare, adding that the missiles break into small pieces and act as shrapnel, upon impact.

“The mass production of air defense systems is successfully underway and these systems will [soon] be delivered [to the armed forces],” Vahidi informed.

He noted that the new missile system will play a decisive role in defending the country’s airspace.

Over the past few years, Iran has acquired expertise in missile production at a rapid pace and conducts frequent drills to test-fire its latest prototypes.

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